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Diving in Shimokoshikijima

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Diving in Shimokoshikijima.(Report)


It was in my 28th year that I found myself on the shores of Shimokoshikijima with my diving instructor, Takaokubo-San.Our gear had been checked, our tanks primed and we began to enter the ocean, for my first diving experience.

Koshikijima are a series of three islands located in south west Japan, just off the coast of the Kyushu prefecture.Its balmy, summer weather and warm, crystal clear waters are the perfect combination for scuba diving.The Galaxy Water World Dive Shop is located in Teuchi in the ferry terminal by the main port. This is where I began my adventure.


The first dive was a two minute walk from the shop, just around the corner in a little secluded bay.At first, it did not seem like much, but after descending into its depths, my opinion rapidly changed.The waters were 24 degrees Celsius and there was great visibility; over 10 meters.Takaokubo-San and I slowly made our way to five meters as my instructor made checks it ensure that his new dive student was ok.We stopped on the shallow bottom and Takaokubo-san began to bang a couple of rocks together to attract some fish.It was not long before a dozen or so curious Hue Dai came up close to check us out.A few meters off, a large school of small blue fish, looked on hesitantly.In the twenty minutes that followed, we saw a lazy, but beautiful zebra fish, a large intimidating eel, a couple large sea cucumbers and an abundance of coral and other marine life.

In the days that followed, other dives produced equally breathtaking experiences.I swam among literally thousands of barracudas and with a number of larger fish, of which, AoBudae was my favorite.There are many great locations to dive in Shimokoshikijima, its abundances of sea life and great conditions make it a terrific location for diving.

This Report is something that Lecky Jonathan wrote.
Let's enjoy visit plan Koshikijima.

Please get off at Sendai Station.
Shuttle bus.
Sendai Station(Departure) /1-07:50 / 2-14:15

Sendai Harbor(Arrival) /1-08:20 / 2-14:40
(150yen-one way)
KoshikijimaGo/High-speed boat.
Sendai Harbor(Departure)/1-08:50 / 2-15:10

Koshikijima-Nagahama (Arrival)/1-10:25 / 2-16:20
(3,380yen-one way)

A shuttle-inn bus will come to pick you up.
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